Reactor Physics&its Vision

Comforting people with better utilization of neutrons!

In near future, the development of the new types of nuclear reactors such as innovative light water reactors, fast breeder reactors, very high temperature reactors, and fusion reactors would be more active than ever. Thus, it is highly expected that the nuclear engineers specialized in reactor physics would play a vital role in the research and development of such future reactors which would benefit people with affluent energy.

Computational Reactor Physics

Direct Whole Core Calculation

Higher accuracy of neutronics calculation is required to support life extension and new reactor development. Therefore, the interest of direct whole core calculation has been increased with the rapid development of computing powers. The direct whole core transport calculation requires no prior homogenization of the fuel assemblies or the fuel pins. So direct whole core calculation can reduce the solution error introduced by homogenization, condensation and simplifications introduced in conventional core calculations. SNU RPL developed direct whole core transport code nTracer which is based on the planar method of characteristics(MOC) coupled 3-D coarse mesh finite difference(CMFD) method.

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